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Frequently Asked Questions


Adult sites only. No non-adult freehosted sites.

You must host pics/banners on your server. Don't serve them from our site.

No spamming.

Opt-In Email requires preapproval.

No sites that promote underage pics, beastiality, warez, or passwords.

1) Who processes the signups? When do I get paid?

All signups are processed by CCBill. You get paid weekly from CCBill.

2) Is there a minimum amount I have to generate to get paid?
No, but you must have at least $50 due to you before a check is sent out by CCBill.All amounts are accumulated month to month for money under $50.

3) Can I use photos from site's Members Area?
No, You can use only photos from free content section.

4) How can I see how many sign-ups I'm getting?
CCBill provides real time statistics for our partnership program. [Click to check CCBill stats]

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask -

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